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IMG_0572s.jpgWe were invited to my friend's wedding ceremony. Because this is my first time to attend a friend's wedding ceremony in Japan, I was really excited! Besides that, they kindly offered us to play our songs in the reception. We played two songs. One was the song she requested, and the other was from our original songs. 
Until the ceremony started, I had been nervous because I was thinking a lot about succeeding in it for my friend, but the moment that I saw her coming down stairs in a beautiful white wedding dress, I totally changed my mind. From that moment, the nervousness disappeared, and I was able to concentrate on singing just to celebrate her from all my heart.
Everything really impressed me!! I had a wonderful time there! 
To my friend; Congraturations!! And thank you very much.   (tomo)



おめでとう!!そしてありがとう。   (tomo)   

Lately we've been practicing at rehearsal studios near our place.
Usually we practice at the place called like "box ". But we noticed we need to brush up our harmony skills more than before, so we started to use them where we can set two mics and play exactly in the same way we gig.
I think (hope) it's working!!   tomo

上手くいっていると思います!(多分)   tomo


P1000045.JPG 百均とコーナンで集めた材料を使い約¥1,000で成功。




先日、ぼくらの音楽には「客観的な特徴がない」と書いたが、その点がポップスに似ていると言っても良いと思う。実際「ない」というと言い過ぎで、極めて小さいというべきか。経験的に言って、大好きなポップスナンバーをギターで弾き語りしようとした場合、いきなりやる気が無くなるということが多々あったが、それは楽器が減ると微妙に存在していた客観的特徴(その曲が好きだった要素であり、リズムやハーモニーなど)が消えてしまうからであることが主な原因だった。おそらくやる気が継続していても聴く方は大分テンションが下がるのではないかと思ってしまう。そこに新たなアレンジを加えて新しい要素を生み出せればそれでいいのであるが、その技術は非常に高度である。何が言いたいのかというと、ポップスはいくつかの小さな客観的要素の調合(アレンジ)で生まれた大きな主観的特徴で聴く人を大きく惹きつけるタイプの曲だと思うのだ。  (A)

In the last blog, I wrote that our songs have no objective feature.  In that, ours are resemble to "the pop music."  Maybe I should have said "a very little feature", instead.  My experience tells me that playing the guitar and singing some favorate pop songs often let me (us) down.  That is because less number of instruments has the little existed objective features (factors that interest you: rythm, harmony and etc.) disapear.  Even if I could force to keep my motivation from dwindling down, I still would wonder if the listeners are interested.  I guess adding some cool arrangement would refrain from it, but doing it requires very high technique.  In short, what makes popular music interest people is the great subjective feature reacted among very subtle objective elements by musical arrangement.   (A)

IMG_0070-s.jpg Photo by Tomo

There is one question that gives me a hard time to answer.  "What kind of music do you guys play?"  I wish I could answer in a simple word, such as "Jazz," "Blues," or "Enka" etc. which makes people understand at once.  None of them can answer it.  Then the answer I decided all after struggling is "pop songs,"  but it sounds too arrogant to call our unknown songs like that.  Only the taste is like pop songs, not to mention it, but still hesitated to use the word.  I may be able to use a word "Contemporary" which is usually used for art pieces, and not used for music.  Actually, it doesn't really explain a thing.  Category must be determined by some objective factors such as, melodic scales, structures, and performing instruments.  How should I explain our songs which don't have such characteristics?  For this solution we post our song samples.   (A)

自分の書いた曲に対して誰かに歌詞をつけてもらうことは、自分としては単なる怠慢であった。しかし今回、ぼくのようになかなか楽曲を作り出せない人間にはそのような方法がかなり建設的であると感じた。それは単に作業が減って楽になるからということではない。できあがった楽曲が思っていたより良くなったと思ったからだ。それはおそらくぼくがはじめに設定した音符が歌詞によってくっ付けられたり、または切り離されたりしたことで、微かであるが、予想もしていなかったようなリフが生まれ、それがもともとのメロディーを際立たせたからだと思っている。だから多くの人がそのような楽曲の作り方をしているのだろう。といっても、ぼくはやっぱり自分で作り上げたいと思ってしまう。   (A)

I used to feel that letting someone write words to my music is only my lazybones, but I felt that this is quite a constructive way for those who can hardly bear songs like me.  I am saying this not because I got less things to do.  I felt the song became better than I was imagining.  It is possibly because the original notes applied words are divided or merged in an unexpected manner, so it produced slight different riffs.  Consequently it added some spices on the original melody line.  That might be why many people do in this way to make songs.  Still I wish to complete it on my own, though.   (A)


2次会では、彼のバンド仲間の集いであるだけに、昔の洋楽ロックを中心に12曲、メンバー入れ替わり立ち代りのバンドで更に盛り上がった。ぼくはSupertrampの曲を歌わせてもらった。10年ぶりのバンドのボーカルに気分が高揚した。弾き語りも2曲(Billy Joelと映画"Desperado"の挿入歌)歌わせてもらい、多少の愛嬌を含め無事終了した。驚くべきことに、集まったプレーヤー達はみな、10数年ぶりの再会だったらしいが、その演奏はビシッと一丸となっていた。
それより、ギターの飛行機内持込みを無料にして欲しい。 (A)

It wasn't a part of ATOMO activity, but I would like to jot it down here about the event on the other day, which I spent a great time.
It was about the aforementioned my friend's wedding reception.  There I played a song, "Married Men" that I wrote about him in a tune of "Amayadori", and a great song from Extreme with him.
In the following party, we played 12 of US and European old rocks with bands.  The players, who were all his old "music friends," mingled , so the band was formed among them according to the songs.  I sang of Supertramp.  It was about 10 years since I had played in a band.  It made me excited.  Add to that I sang to my guitar 2 more songs, from Billy Joel and from the movie "Desperado", and I could finish without a major catastrophe.  They said the players were reunited there for the first time in a decade, but the performance was surprisingly tight and firm.
Besides that, I want the guitar carried in the cabin to be free of charge.   (A) 


fd10ff70.jpg 2221b9ef.jpgPhotos by Tomo
一番新しい曲がTOMOから戻ってきた。しかし歌詞がついてない。どうやらその曲から何も思い浮かぶものがないらしい。しかし無理もない。ぼくも当初から何も思いつかないからだ。おそらく、この曲には普通の3和音以外メロディーなどにもこれといって特徴的なものがないからだろう。リズムを取ってみても同じだ。ならば逆に、どんなテーマの歌詞でもつけることはできるということだ。そんなこと書くと大した曲ではないように思われるかも知れないが、うーんどうであろう。ぼくは気に入っている。それがポップソングの一面であると思えばよい。まずは今回ぼくが書いたもう一曲に歌詞がついたとTOMOから発表されるのを心待ちにしている。   (A)

Without words, the last tune I wrote was returned from TOMO. She said it doesn't bring anything to her mind. I can't blame her because it hasn't done to me, either. That might be because its melody or chords doesn't contain any special notes besides regular triads, and not so does rythm. Conversely, any lyrics in any theme could fit for this tune. Writing so might sound it's boring, uh... I don't know. I like it. That could be one of the dimentions of pop songs. Now, I am hoping my first tune will be releised from TOMO soon.   (A)

2609c223.jpgPhotos by TOMO
しかし、本当の「問題」はATOMOのライブが次の週に続いていることだ。この状況において、結婚式に向けた練習が最優先されているが、自分達のをなおざりにするわけにも、もちろんいかない。この2ヶ月間あたふたしていることだろう。   (A)


 My friend's wedding is in May.  I am going to sing a song called "Amayadori" by Mr. Sada, but I have put my own lyrics to it for this special occasion.  It's parody.  I wrote it a few days ago, but now I have to memorize it.  Because its original lyrics is carved into my tongue, replacing it even to what I wrote is very hard.  Besides, I will play 3 more cover songs that I used to play, so there shouldn't be a big problem.
However, the problem is that our gig is following in next weeks.  Under this circumstances, though my practicing for the wedding celemony gets my 1st priority, I can't put our stuff aside, of course.  These 2 months is going to be hectic!   (A)


それとは別に、去年から取り組んでいる2曲をやっと終わらせることができた。今はTOMOの手中にあって、歌詞が付けられるのを待つばかりだ。長いこと後回しにされているもう一曲も仕上げたい。それでなんとか1セット分のステージを自分達の曲で占めることができるようになるのだ。思い返せば去年曲ができたのもこの季節だった。 一年中曲が書けるといいのだが。  (A)

It's been a while since we updated our site last time.
I have individually been working on songs that I'm going to play at my friend's wedding reception where I am being invited.
Besides, I finally finished 2 tunes that I had been working on since last year.  Now they are in TOMO's hands waiting for her words to be on.  I want to finish one more song that I have also been putting off, so that we can occupy at least one set of our performance with our original songs!  Recalling last year, it was this time of year when I wrote the last tune.  I wish I am able to write songs all around the year.   (A)

*Photo by TOMO 


Because kids were just very cute, I don't remember how I performed through out the show.
I see kids everyday in my job, and I learn a lot of things from them. 
And this time, they mended me a lot.
This opportunity made me realize how great childrends are.
Thank all the people for helping us play at a school!!   (tomo)

力になって下さった全ての方に、ありがとうございました!!   (tomo)

話は変わるが、今回ぼくは子供達をあることで感心させることができ嬉しかった。「わあ!」「スゲー!」そんなどよめきを聞いたのはぼくがボソボソっと言った次の言葉の反応であった。「このマイクスタンドはぼくが作りました…」本当のことだ。子供達の尊敬の眼差しを一斉に浴びたのだ。そこの学校にはブームスタンドが無いということで、水道パイプや古いギタースタンドを使って、以前作った軽量コンパクトマイクスタンドを持っていったのだった。ぼくはどのように作ったかの講義を一席持ちたい気持ちに見舞われたが、続く演目へ移るためにこらえた。子供達にとってのスーパーヒーローは正義の味方何とかマンでなくとも、工作が得意なクラフトマンにもなれそうだ。  (A)

It was a quite interesting situation we were in. Our audience was all students in the 1st grade with their parents and teachers. Needless to say, the kids were full of distraction. I am not saying they are noisy or annoying.  It was because they were so cute.  In any way they move and react, that motions were so pure and adorable, and my mind strayed to enjoy watching them. They followed TOMO's call, sang along and enjoyed. However, because of that, it was hard to focus on my guitar play. I am not a guitarist that can play without thinking.
By the way, I was happy about being able to impress them by one thing.  "Cool!" and "Super!" I heard the hubbub when I mumblingly say,"This mic stand is my hand made..." And they paid respect in their eyes to look at me. Yes, I brought my hand made light-weighted-compact-microphone stand that I converted from a guitar stand using some water pipes since we had been informed the school didn't have boom stands. I was so urged to instruct its recipe, but I managed to hold myself to move on. Their super hero doesn't have to be Superman. A handicraftsman will do too.   (A)


そんな私達の今年第一号ライブはもうすぐです!   (tomo)

The other day, an unpleasant incident occured. 
We went out to see someone we know in a gig.
After the gig was over, I spoke to that person. He stared at my face for a while, and then started to talk to another person near by without saying anything to me. I was kind of shocked, and lost my words. 
The more I recalled the moment, the stronger anger emerged in my feeling.
There were lots of audience in that place, and we are not that close to get in touch with him personally. 
And he might have been drunk deeply so that it might have been hard for him to recognize me.
Then so what?
But I believe that it's ettiquet among human beings to greet back when someone greets you. Besides, he always gives reasons through the music for what people should be. 
That's very poor, rather ridiculous to me.

Well, but an anger yields nothing.
We just keep focusing on ourselves to grow our music.
And our first gig for this year is drawing near!   (tomo)



During the last year, ATOMO completed 3 songs.  Among them, two are TOMO's pieces while I was being stranded.  As ATOMO, we appreciate these outcomes, but as for me, it wasn't the way I want it to be last year.  However, I got a couple of ideas from that struggle.  This year, I want to embody at least these tunes.  In addition, we will not forget to work on the songs from last year to polish them.
I would appreciate it if you keep your eyes on us through this year.   (A)

皆が健康で幸せでありますように。   (tomo)

"You can hear with your ears, you can talk, you can see things through your eyes, you can move your body as you want. Then what kind of things you CANNOT do? "
"No lions is a menace than a death."
My mom used to tell me these words. 
They're really true.
I've been always with these mom's words, so first time when I went to the U.S., I was all alone, but I didn't feel any fears at all.
Nothing is not really sad or bad if you remember these words when you face your difficulties.
These words tell me I can do anything that I want, and they are all gifts on my life.
This year is going to be a kind of my turning year. It's just a part of my life's history, but it's also a good chance to think about myself again. 
We will light up our ATOMO's life too!!
May happiness fall upon all the people.   (tomo)

今年、The Lightの曲を書いたとき、これから次々と新しい曲が書けそうだと感じたことが、このサイトを立ち上げるよい原動力となりました。カバー曲にではなく、自分達の楽曲の方にATOMOの表現の場を移していける予感がしたのです。お陰さまで、今年発表できた数曲のオリジナルにも、嬉しいコメントを多数いただけたことに感謝しています。加えて、多くの場所でライブをさせていただけたこと、多くの方に聴いていただけたことにも感謝の念でいっぱいです。ありがとうございました。  (A)

When finishing the song "The Light," I felt some positive feeling like "we could continue writing new songs," and "we had better express our color into our originals than in covers," developing.  And that's what proded us to open our website.  Fortunately, we were able to write some new songs, and received very nice feedbacks to them.  Moreover, we had a great opportunity to play at many venues, and share with many people.  We are so happy and don't know how to express how much we appreciate it.  Thank you.    (A)

We have uploaded our new song," Thank You."  Plus, we have replaced some sample files in better sound.  Actually, what I did was only to rise the volume level.  (A)

新曲"Thank You"のサンプルファイルをアップロードしました。加えて、マシな音質のファイルに差し替えたものもあります。といっても、ただボリュームを大きくしただけですけど。   (A)

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