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08-08-20_003-s.jpg It's a paper craft
This song has a bit unique background in how it was born.
As some people know, Tomo is a big fan of a Hong Kongnese singer, and we used to cover many of her songs.   But because neither of us speaks Chinese, we wrote our own words to them in our languages to sing. 
In that way our new song's words are written, but we didn't play that song for some technical reasons, which is wasteful.  Then, we decided to write another song using the words.  As a result, this words practically have two different melodies.   (A)

そして今回、歌詞がもったいないので、自分たちのメロディーをつけることにした。結果的に、だからなんだということもないが、この歌詞には2種類のメロディーが存在することになる。   (A)


 photo by tomo
I just wrote up a melody last week. This time, I put music to the lyrics that "A" created long time ago. It was my first time to put melodies on the words written by someone else. But unexpectedly, I hit an idea for this song very quickly and was able to made it so fast.
And I gave that song back to A to make him put chords by the guitar.
He finished it quite fast too, and I heard it a few days ago.
But it was not the one I imagined.
Then I was a bit dropped, and I told him some of my ideas to get this song closer to the image I have.
And now I'm looking forward to hearing it again soon.
All the time I make songs, I can't help thinking how talentful the artists that make songs by all themselves so easily. (I don't know if it's really easy or not, but at least I feel so...)
I really want that talent!!   (tomo)

私も本当にその才能が欲しいっ!!   (tomo)

I finally finished writing my second song! "A" ,as usual, helped to make it "music" for me, who dosen't know about any music theory and dosen't play any instruments at all. I wanted to make a love song which has typical popular music tastes. This time, melodies and lyrics were coming out from my head so easily. It seemed like "A" is the only one who had to struggle with this. I appreciate it a lot! Thanks!! Well, we're gonna play this song on our next gig coming up!! The song is called "For You". Please come and check it out!!   (tomo)

遂に私の2作目が出来上がりました。いつも通りAが、音の仕組みも分から無い、楽器の全く弾けない私を助け、それを「音楽」にするのを手伝ってくれました。これこそポップスラブソング!というのを作りたかった。今回はメロディーも歌詞もすっすと出てきてくれました。苦戦したのはAのほうでしょう・・・。感謝しています!アリガトウ!次のライブで演奏する予定です。タイトルは「For You」。是非聴きにいらして下さい!!   (tomo)1104f7f3.JPG

毎回こんなグチャグチャ。私にしか分からない・・・。   (tomo)

それにしても、この乱筆、ベートーベンも顔負けだ・・・。  (A)

今、できあがったのはまだ、宝石の原石のようなもので、これからカットし研磨しなくてはいけない。色を付けるにはさらに想像力が必要である。   (A)

Finally, we got a picture of our next song.  This time, the writer is Tomo.  I mean its music and words are both written by her. 
As some friends knows, she doesn't play any instrument.  So, what she did after writing the words and the melody was looking for the chords on the keyboard pressing some keys to match the notes ringing in her head.  Then I figured out the chords and played it to define it together.  If I'm allowed to compare, we were like Mozart and Salieri.  Well, there surely is a gigantic gap between them and us, but it's just easier to say so as to make us understood.  
And what I want to say is that it is amazing what she did.  Having the clear sound image and reproduce it on an unfamiliar instrument. 
What we have now is just a gemstone to cut and polish it.  Need more imagination in order to color it, too.   (A)

This is my first time to make music all by myself. All the time some good melodies are hitting my head, but they are gone away somewhere and never come back. But this time I did it. Usually I try to get melody first and later, I put lyrics on it. But I took an opposite way this time. I think that's how it works. Anyway I'm very happy with this new song. We need to polish it up, though.   (tomo)

自分で一つの曲を作ったのは初めてです。いつも良いメロディーが浮かんでも、どこかに消えていってしまう。しかし今回はやり遂げました。普段、曲を作ろうとする時はメロディーから考えてたのですが、今回は反対のやり方で。きっとこれが勝因でしょう。ともかくとても嬉しいです。まだまだ磨き上げなくては。   (tomo)

As I was preparing for my day with the TV on this morning, my ears cought a very familiar tune and it drew me to the TV.  It was a press intervew for a brand new movie, and Mr. Naotaro Moriyama was singing a part of a song.  Though not only the title, but also which particular part of it didn't I know, it just sounded like our song, Hikari (The Light).  Well, of course the words were different, so only its melody was just like what I had written.  If I am right, probably the 4 measures are the same melody or at least remind me of our song.  As long as we remain unknown, there shouldn't be a problem.  However, if someone heard our song, and thought that we had playgiarized him, that is not what we want.  And nobody would imagine the other way around.  It won't be a remedy for this matter to write this thing here, I couldn't help but saying something.  I hope that only I am too sensitive about this melody.   (A)

今朝、テレビのスイッチをつけて今日一日の準備をしていたら、聞き覚えのある旋律が流れてきた。思わずその音源に惹きつけられたぼくはテレビの前にいた。新作映画の記者会見だった。そこで森山直太朗氏が歌を歌っていた。曲名も曲のどの部分かも知らないが、とにかくぼくらの曲「光」に似ていた。もちろん歌詞までは同じではないので、メロディーが、ぼくが書いたメロディーに似ていた。自分が正しければ、4小節は同じであるか、少なくとも「光」を連想させる。ぼくらが無名である限り大した問題はないだろうが、もし誰かがぼくらの曲を聞いて、盗作だと思われてしまったらそれは全く不本意なことであるし、その逆を想像する人はまず居ないだろう。ここにこのようなことを書いたとしても何の解決にもならないかもしれないが、何かしら言わないではいられない。ただ、ぼく一人がこのメロディーに対して神経過敏であることを願う。   (A)

Last night we played at Happy Laura.
There were 3 other musicians played that night.
I felt those three units have something in common. That was their vocal appleal. They are quite different types yet very attractive to listen for me!
An unit played the last had hit us. Their music were much our favorite taste. After the gig, we talked with them and they said the guy on the guitar and vocal wrote all the songs. Mnn..., incredible!!  
They are very good guys and so funny!
As for us, we played our very first song called "The Sky". It's been more than 6 years since last time we played. This song is about a dream which comes out strongly in my mind especially when I look to the sky. I feel many things all the time when I look up the sky.
We're gonna play there again on 4/22. If you have a time to spare, come to hear us and other good musicians playing there! And this bar gives you a good dinner, I bet!
Thanks to everyone at Happy Laura last night!!!   (tomo)

昨夜はハッピーローラで行われた、La Friday という名のイベント(対バンデー)に参加させて頂きました。
私達に関しては、昨夜は久し振りのATOMOの初めてのオリジナル曲、「The Sky」 という曲を演奏しました。
ハッピーローラに昨夜いらした皆さんに・・・ ありがとうございました!   (tomo)

070310_1929~01.jpg 070310_1937~01.jpg 070310_1938~02.jpg

DSCN2715-2.JPG DSCN2717-2.JPG


We played at one of our favorite live bars, RJ last night.
Four fabulous units played there. That was really fun!! Each unit has their original colors and it's very fun to share.
We played 7 songs including 4 our most liked cover songs.
Among our original songs, two were our old revival songs arranged the way we like more.
Well, as usuall, we have lots of things to work on, and never end as long as we play.......
Thanks to everyone being last night!! We had a good night!
Thank you!


"Should go or not": 太陽を背にした黄色い秋の葉っぱを見た時その美しさに体が硬直してしまったときの気持ちを思い出しながら、それと同じような衝撃をぼくに与えた人に対する優柔不断な気持ちを歌っています。
さて、インフルエンザはもうどっかに行ってしまいましたが、咳だけが残っています。でも演奏中ずっと舐めつづけた大根生姜アメのおかげ(?)で、なんとか歌いきることができました。   (A)

Maybe I want to write something here this time.
Because we, especially I, are not good at talking on stage and missed a chance to speak about our songs, I'll introduce them here a little bit.  
"Should go or not" is singing about indecisiveness toward a beautiful someone who made the same impact on me as when I saw the autumn yellow leaves backlit by the sun.
"Snowblind" is a song about solitude.  When I lived in a freezing countryside, snowfall was always beautiful.  But I always missed someone who was living in down south and not being with me, and I wondered if I was being missed in the same way.
Well, though my flu was gone, remains my cough.  But I was lucky that I could manage to sing through with my ginger radish candy in my mouth during our performance.   (A)

まだまだ未完成ですが、これから二人で育てていきたいです。   (tomo)

We played for open mic night in Kyoto. We usually get there first, but we were late that night, so the second musician on the list had already started playing. We were the 5th among seven entries. It was the first time to play our new song called "HIKARI". When we make songs, we usually share to make. "A" creates melodies and "tomo" set words to it, then we arrange all over through it. For this song, I wrote about my mother. We cannot see again, but for me that's not a big deal any more. The title of this song means the feelings that she has been giving me since the day I was born and still now. This song is not completed yet, and we're gonna make it grow with time.   (tomo)

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